The use of the service is governed by the Terms and Conditions set out below.


In this section (Terms and Conditions) the word “User” refers both the Demanding Users and Offer Users.
The service can be used for people Over 18. An eventual use of the service by Minor Age people, presupposes the parents authorization, or the authorization of the people in charge of their supervision and tutelage.
These people are assuming full and exclusive responsibility for the behaviour of the Minor Age during the access, use and enjoyment of the service. The User must be aware that AustraliaCracker. com will not make any previous control on the content of the online ads. is not an intermediary on the possible transactions between Users.
The Users are assuming the full and exclusive responsibility of their behaviour towards AustraliaCracker and towards third parties.

The User makes use of the service provided by, being aware of the fact that this website does not guarantees the veracity of the contents on the ads, or the good results on the negotiations.
By publishing an ad in, the User is authorizing us to use it with Advertising purposes for its greater visibility and for an easier access by the rest of the Users, even by showing it in Search Engines and publications in different webpages in collaboration with (for example webpages of classified ads or Vertical/General Search Engines), by publishing it in Media to promote the ads more efficiently.

The User undertakes not to use the services provided by page either improper or contrary to the provisions of Law , rules of ethics and good conduct of the Network services. The User, in particular, undertakes to not transmit, through, material of offensive and libellous nature, defamatory, pornographic, paedophile, vulgar, blasphemous or which is some way contrary to the principles of public order and good morals.
The Advertiser is aware that the email address provided in may serve as a media of distance communication. Furthermore, in case of responses to ads and/or sharing of ads, the specified e-mail will be used to send newsletters and promotional materials.

User confirms that he is of legal age according to his jurisdiction and he has not been forced in any way to create this profile
User confirms confirm that he will not offer any services that are against the law in his region

  1. Ads that contains references to sexual services in exchange for money are not allowed.
  1. Inserting pornographic pictures that contains explicit genital organs vision is not allowed.
  1. The insertion of paedophile material will be immediately reported to the competent Authorities, including all the access data, in order to reach the responsible people involucrate.
  1. By placing the ad in AustraliaCracker, the User is certifying that he can access to the cointains with full rights, and is also declaring that the pictures eventually inserted belongs to persons of legal age( over 18) which have given their consent to publish them in AustraliaCracker.
  1. It is allowed to publish the same ad in a maximum of three different cities
  1. Is not possible to repeat the same ad in the same city.
  1. It is not allowed to insert Escort ads or similar.It is not allowed to make any reference of reception modality or similar.
  2. Insert in the ads any type of link that you can click or not.
  1. Insert vulgar and offensive text or pictures

Accept the Conditions of Use

Before enjoying any service, the User have an obligation to get informed about the eventual modifications and updates made in “Conditions of Use”. These modifications and updates will be an integral part of the present General Conditions and they will constitute the agreement between an the User.

When you buy a product to increase the visibility of your advert, such as Go to the Top, you can claim a reimbursement according to the following requirements process:

Credit reimbursement:
If your advert were on the Go to the Top promo and:

  1. It was deleted by the staff due to the fact that it was against our policy or regulation
  1. It was deleted from the software (automatically blocked)

A refund will be authorized.

Customers who notice, in due time, that their adverts are not on the highlighting tool anymore, will be able to request an explanation towards the reasons of such circumstances. At once, they are enable to claim a refund exclusively for the product’s remaining period of time. In other words, will rebate solely from the moment of the claim until the expiration date of the contracted service.

Hence, the deleted advert will never be fully reimbursed if you have had any benefits of the highlighting service for a period of time, no matter who long or short this was.

The benefits are not considered fron the time of the acquisition/payment of the service, but from the moment of activation of the product for an specific advertisement. won’t reimburse remaining credits regarding intentional cancellations of the service. Having said this, it’s highly recommended to hire such service for the time that is intended to be useful. will always reimburse the remaining credits resulting from the interruption of the service.
Reimbursement currency (euro): will not repay in cash (just credit card deposits will be made) for non used credits. Therefore, we advise to purchase the amount of credits indeed needed.


Individual cases where mistakes are made clearly and absolutelly by the staff, concern these following exceptions:

Total refund of credit:
If the customer demonstrates that they have uploaded the ad by mistake and delete it immediately, communicating this situation to the website.

The Go to the Top service appears on the ad’s calendar, if the staff considers that the customer acted in good faith and they have made a mistake (e.g. uploading an advert on the wrong city), a total refund can be claimed.

Reimbursement currency (AUD):
If the cardholder proves they have been a victim of fraudulent use of their credit card (theft, cloning, misuse), in such case, the website will not be involved in this situation in any way.

If the customer have made a mistake about the purchase or the choice of the package of credits buying a disproportionate amount of credits, and after an analysis of the client’s purchase history, a full refund can be returned.

Direct refunds in euros will not be considerated on direct purchases of C.T.T. products.

All of the above in the “Exceptions” section is subject to the staff discretion.

Refund claims, of any kind, can be sumitted to [email protected]

Accreditation mistakes and payment errors are not considerated refunds and, consequently, the specifications of this section won’t be applied to them.

For errors arisen from credit transactions, please write to [email protected] stipulating the kind of mistake, including the sales receipt and/or the e-mail given at the moment of the purchase.

We remind to all of our clients that reclamations are not solved automatically and, in case of any questions, queries, refund claims or any other, please write to: